About Pakistan Rising

Pakistan Rising is a movement to create a modern, united, globally integrated and progressive Pakistan. It was started in 2009 as a not for profit organization by its co-founders, Mr. Attiq Uddin Ahmed, Ms. Mahbina Waheed and Mrs. Nuria Rafique-Iqbal. Our main aim is to assist our fellow citizens who are suffering in poverty so that they can stand on their own feet, and become productive members of society. We are undertaking a variety of projects to make this happen.

Schools/Community Empowerment Centres

Pakistan Rising manages 5 primary schools, 4 in Swat Valley and 1 in Uch Sharif Southern Punjab. All our schools are located in very hard to reach areas, and in all cases they are the first schools to have opened in their locality. Pakistan Rising is working together with DIL (Developments in Literacy) Foundation to provide training and teaching aids to its teachers so that we can improve the quality of education being imparted in the schools.

In November 2010, Pakistan Rising opened a Toy Library in one of its schools located in Shin, Swat - the first of its kind! Children from the local village can come and play with the toys to their hearts content, and then place them back on the shelves to play with them another day. In our Toy Library we have also started showing educational DVD’s to help the children to read and speak English and Urdu. The Toy Library is a great way to introduce the children to learning through play, and also gives some relief to their mothers as Pakistan Rising has a teacher placed in the Toy Library at all times so as to watch and supervise the children there. Pakistan Rising hopes to open more Toy Libraries around the country - we believe this is a wonderful way to give back to that segment of society who really need something to make them smile - our children. All toys are donated, and must be clean and in good working order. Seeing the positive feedback, we now look forward to opening Toy Libraries in each of our remaining five schools.

In addition, Pakistan Rising looks forward to opening a “Community Empowerment Centre” in the Swat Valley. This centre will be utilised as a school during the day, and then in the afternoon/evening will become an adult education centre giving instruction in a range of activities including literacy, both Urdu and English, as well as various vocational courses e.g. stitching, embroidery, computing etc.. In this way, we can maximize the benefit which can be derived from one building - educating not only the children of the local area, but also the adults as well. We believe that this is crucial as a man or woman who are in their 20’s or 30’s but are illiterate is infact unemployable. This should not be the case - everybody should be given the chance to better their lives.
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Pakistan Rising is a platform for addressing and solving issues that are holding us back as a nation. We aim to reach out to all segments of our Country and bring progressive people together, initiate constructive ideas on these issues, and help implement these ideas with equivalent resources, and ensure the project is followed through till the end.